Senator Harri Anne Smith Officially Certified By Secretary of State to Appear on November Ballot as an Independent

Smith To Face Winner of Today’s Primaries

Dothan, Ala. – June 1, 2010 – After collecting over 10,000 signatures for her petition to be on the ballot as an Independent candidate, Senator Smith received her letter of qualification from The Secretary of State’s Office last Friday.

“While I am a little sad to not be running as a Republican, I am extremely happy to officially be on the ballot as an Independent,” Smith said. “I am also forever grateful to everyone who helped me organize the petition drives, gather signatures, and all of the people who took time out of their busy schedules to sign the petitions.”

Smith plans on watching returns with a group of supporters at The BBQ Shack in Dothan.

“This has been an interesting primary season, and I’m anticipating finding out who both party’s nominees are up and down the ballot,” Smith said. “As for my election – I look forward to a clean race on the issues that matter to the people of The Wiregrass.”

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