Creating jobs and growing our economy

Creating jobs has been my prime focus since I was first elected in 1998. Over the years we have provided incentives for new companies, expanded existing businesses and supported the farming industry to create jobs. We have done this while fighting to keep taxes low, and fostering an environment where businesses can prosper. Using my business background and staying true to our conservative principles, we have experienced unprecedented growth in the past 12 years.

From 2002 to 2006 I was awarded the National Federation of Small Business “Guardian of Small Business” Award. I will put my record of job creation and economic development up against anyone’s.

I was instrumental in recruiting McLane, Pemco, Sysco and Bell Helicopter to our area.

I secured the funds for expanding The Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center in Dothan.

I have consistently helped secure highway funds for our area.

I helped build The Wiregrass Museum of Art, found funds for the Houston County Love Memorial Library and to rebuild the Dothan High School Track Field.

Fort Rucker and the Military

I understand that Fort Rucker is vital to the economic life of The Wiregrass. I go to work every day, thankful for the men and women who serve our country and Alabama proudly. With that in mind, I Secured funding for Friends of Ft. Rucker to fight the BRACC process and make sure that Fort Rucker is protected. In the Wiregrass, aviation means jobs.

Improving education for our children

In 2002, I was named The Dothan Education Association’s “Friend of Education.” As a Slocomb High School and Troy University “Alumni of the Year,” I understand the meaning of a good public education system. I have worked with Teachers, Principals, Students, Superintendents, and Support Staff at all levels to make sure that Wiregrass Schools rank among the best in Alabama.

One Response to Issues

  1. Melva Faulkner says:

    I back you 100%. We Alabamans need to look at our current Medicaid program. While I understand the need to cover pregnant women and children, shouldn’t there be a policy put in place for these new mothers and the fathers to repay Medicaid at least in part. You must realize though Medicaid helps a lot of our elderly, it doesn’t help at all with dental care which would improve and possibly curb some of the expenses as to medicines and doctor visits. Medicare also needs to be better examined as well. Don’t misunderstand, people who can afford any of their medical or dental needs really don’t understand ours. We tell those in power what we need, not a handout, but rather a helping hand, a partnership in not only cutting costs to these plans but also making them fit our real needs.As always you will have my blessings and my vote. keep up the good work. your faithful supporter, Mel

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