About Harri Anne

Her philosophy as a servant of the people is that all of the people deserve a voice, regardless of community status, race, or political affiliation. When chosen to represent her district Senator Harri Anne Smith was determined to be that voice, to be a true friend to the community, to be always genuine.

To always be compassionate. To be understandingĀ of those whom she represents. As a member of her community Harri Anne Smith strives to represent that community honestly, and loyally, asĀ the Independent Voice of the People.

One Response to About Harri Anne

  1. Carolyn Lowe says:

    Dear Harrianne; I am just a grandmother that received a note from your mother ,to pray for you when you were being falsely accused. And I most certain lifted you up to Jesus. My wish is to talk with you about some issues that are heavy on my heart. I know you would make a great front runner for the issues and it would change or make better many lives. I would do it myself but don’t know where to start or who the contacts would be. If it would be possible to talk with you please please contact me asap. Email, tth721@gmail.com or by phone at 334-405 3079. Thank you in advance for your consideration. God Bless.

    y wish is to come to your office, or really anywhere to meet you and talk to you about something that is heavy on my heart

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